Sunday, 14 January 2007

What is Life Coaching?

You may have heard or read lots of different things about coaching, I can only tell you what I provide as a coach. In a nut shell, I partner people to discover what deeply satisfies and inspires them, and then support them to achieve that.
You can have deep fulfilment and satisfaction in life. Coaching is one powerful tool to provide this, and one worth investigating.

What results can you expect?
Unprecedented Freedom, Power and Success through Communication and Relationship
Transformation by going beyond what is commonly thought to be possible
Leadership, Innovation, Partnership, Vision, Responsibility, Knowledge and Action

Life coaching is for people who are well
Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, and should not be used as a substitute for formal medical or psychological assistance.If you have been under the care of a mental health practioner, I recommend discussing the appropriateness of life coaching to your personal situation.

To contact a mental health practioner in your area, please try the Yellow Pages

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