Sunday, 14 January 2007


S.P, June 15 2000

I have only had five sessions with Liz as my coach, but changes in my life have
been extraordinary. For the first time, I have been able to clearly visualise my
life's direction and goals, and with this knowledge I can make major decisions
very easily. There have also been unexpected bonuses, I find myself making
healthier choices around food, and have lost the extra half stone in weight I
had put down to the inevitable side-effects of age! I have started to enjoy
walking every day, the first exercise I have done in fifteen years. My weekly
pay packet used to mysteriously disappear after a few days with nothing to show
for it, but now I always seem to have money in my purse and my account, with no
feeling of deprivation! I am bringing a new enthusiasm to my work place, in
fact, to every area of my life. Time is no longer the enemy, I seem to be able
to effortlessly do everything I want to do, and still have time left to dream!
So, watch this space, folks, with Liz's support, anything seems possible!

JM, Information Technology and Design, 2002
I was referred to Liz by a close friend, I was more curious about what a
life coach did. I was a bit sceptical about what I could achieve in my life with
the assistance of a life coach. I was very impressed and delighted to find that
I received tremendous support and assistance from Liz. I was able to really look
at different aspects of my life and understand the values I wanted to have for
myself. Liz helped me understand my reactions to situations in my life and
assisted me in finding ways to deal with these situations. I found Liz very
supportive and thorough enjoyed the time I spent with Liz. She opened my eyes to
how I could achieve the values I wanted in my life and how to achieve them in
all areas of my life. From this experience I now believe that nothing is
impossible and it is really about believing in yourself and quite often taking a
risk and seeing what the results are. I surprised myself many times on the
outcome of this task. I would recommend that everyone would benefit from a life

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