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Our Life Coaching Programme

Many world class sports people and business people, although experts and top in their field, have coaches.


Often what really prevents us from attaining our potential is outside of our own awareness.

Your Life Coach

You can count on your Life Coach to believe in your vision, often more than you do.

Your Life Coach will challenge your assumptions, listen to your experiences and motivate you to take actions that align with your vision. This will trigger shifts in your perception and performance.

At times, your Life Coach may be your best friend, and at others, your worst enemy. Most of all, your Life Coach will lend their experience to you as you grow, learn and rise to the challenge of reaching your potential.

The partnership between you and your coach is a confidential.

Your Program

Vista Professional Partnerships are specialised and individually tailored collaborative relationships that provide powerful access to skilful professional development. Coaching, information and processes help individuals, leaders and professionals develop transformative communication, leadership, innovation, action and outstanding results.

The ability to tap this potential begins with rigorous reflection on those assumptions and ideas on which we have based our previous life. This requires a commitment to communication, knowledge and learning coupled with a willingness to listen, make choices and then take action… then listen again.

All this takes place in partnership with your coach.

There will be weekly meetings in a non-distracting environment; by phone, in a quiet café, your place of business or my practice rooms. These one-hour meetings are an opportunity for rigorous conversation and review of your experiences.

In the following week, your coach is available via email or phone to provide encouragement as you take on the actions you say will forward your vision. You will also use this time to complete any recommended reading or research.

Your Investment

Vista Life Coaching is based on regular scheduled weekly contact with a contract minimum of 4 months. The majority of our clients have an average contract length of 8 months. We have been some of our clients for 2 years with fantastic results.

You need a strong commitment to the coaching process and this means setting aside time for scheduled sessions and fieldwork. You will need to be personally motivated to learn, grow and achieve.

Getting Started

Contact me.

To enable you to select a coach you can build a trusting partnership with, I will make a time to meet with you to discuss what coaching may be able to offer you, and to also provide you with an experience of coaching at no obligation or charge to you.

Remember, you are under no obligation to choose a Vista Coach as your coaching partner. It is important to choose someone you know you can work with.

If you would like a referral to another Life Coach, please ask. I will be able to put you in contact with other Life Coaches in your area.

How life coaching will help you

When you understand and perceive skilfully, you discover that acting with competence and power is natural.
When you grow personally,professional development, career advancement, business success will follow almost automatically

A vision is a compass for life by which you can continually orient yourself. It adds passion and direction, creating a deep sense of purpose and meaning.Coaching takes you deep into this enquiry, into all aspects of your life, into identifying those things which you are truly passionate about.

Decision-making and life choices are made easier when you have clarity around who and what you want in your life. You will be able to reduce the distracters that take your attention away from what's important to you.

You will be able to use your vision as motivation to apply this to your realtionships, your family, your business. Your vision is your key to results!

Identifying your patterns of communication is a key to your success.

You will gain insight into where and with whom you communicate best and worst, why and what needs to improve to enable you to succeed. Assumptions and interpretations about the behavior of others that may not necessarily be accurate, and will result in miscommunication at every level of personal and business life.

Effective communication will attract more supportive and honest relationships and will allow you to achieve more and feel less isolated.

Why is it that people can do all the vision work that they like, see a future path that they're deeply committed to and still not have that happen? The answer lies in automatic, unquestioned behaviours that can cause stumbling blocks to progress.

These behaviours are based on long-held unquestioned values from childhood, unquestioned beliefs, incidents from the past which continue to shape life, social conditioning, the culture in which we are brought up, and even language and how we speak.

Rather than reacting to your past, life coaching will give you the opportunity to break behaviour patterns, and replace outdated myths and attitudes with ones that work for you. This allows you to be more trusting of your intuition and use your energy to create the life you really want.

Taking Action
Identifying the behaviours that always seem to get in the way of realising your vision will allow you to be prepared for and able to take action that forward your vision.

You will be able to identify your strongest competencies and use these confidently to embrace the challenges that a constantly changing environment presents. Your decision making process will be eased by having a clear view of your destination.

You will create your vision for real, and in the real world!

You will no longer be a follower. Life coaching will re-create you as a leader with a strong sense of self - respect, confidence, worth.

You will possess extraordinary communication skills, and your perception will be heightened by your new self-awareness. Your passion for your vision will be coupled with your integrity of action to make you a powerful leader.


S.P, June 15 2000

I have only had five sessions with Liz as my coach, but changes in my life have
been extraordinary. For the first time, I have been able to clearly visualise my
life's direction and goals, and with this knowledge I can make major decisions
very easily. There have also been unexpected bonuses, I find myself making
healthier choices around food, and have lost the extra half stone in weight I
had put down to the inevitable side-effects of age! I have started to enjoy
walking every day, the first exercise I have done in fifteen years. My weekly
pay packet used to mysteriously disappear after a few days with nothing to show
for it, but now I always seem to have money in my purse and my account, with no
feeling of deprivation! I am bringing a new enthusiasm to my work place, in
fact, to every area of my life. Time is no longer the enemy, I seem to be able
to effortlessly do everything I want to do, and still have time left to dream!
So, watch this space, folks, with Liz's support, anything seems possible!

JM, Information Technology and Design, 2002
I was referred to Liz by a close friend, I was more curious about what a
life coach did. I was a bit sceptical about what I could achieve in my life with
the assistance of a life coach. I was very impressed and delighted to find that
I received tremendous support and assistance from Liz. I was able to really look
at different aspects of my life and understand the values I wanted to have for
myself. Liz helped me understand my reactions to situations in my life and
assisted me in finding ways to deal with these situations. I found Liz very
supportive and thorough enjoyed the time I spent with Liz. She opened my eyes to
how I could achieve the values I wanted in my life and how to achieve them in
all areas of my life. From this experience I now believe that nothing is
impossible and it is really about believing in yourself and quite often taking a
risk and seeing what the results are. I surprised myself many times on the
outcome of this task. I would recommend that everyone would benefit from a life

Vista Coachings vision

To provide remarkable learning experiences for individuals, teams and organisations that unleashes their unique potential and expands their capacity to be and do in the real world.

To expand and create enthusiasm, growth, learning and opportunities for making a difference. … And have people take consistent action through to real results.

To facilitate, train and develop people and organisations to create and lead exceptional lives of fulfilment and satisfaction.

To create outstanding and highly extra-ordinary freedom, power and success for and with our clients.

What is Life Coaching?

You may have heard or read lots of different things about coaching, I can only tell you what I provide as a coach. In a nut shell, I partner people to discover what deeply satisfies and inspires them, and then support them to achieve that.
You can have deep fulfilment and satisfaction in life. Coaching is one powerful tool to provide this, and one worth investigating.

What results can you expect?
Unprecedented Freedom, Power and Success through Communication and Relationship
Transformation by going beyond what is commonly thought to be possible
Leadership, Innovation, Partnership, Vision, Responsibility, Knowledge and Action

Life coaching is for people who are well
Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, and should not be used as a substitute for formal medical or psychological assistance.If you have been under the care of a mental health practioner, I recommend discussing the appropriateness of life coaching to your personal situation.

To contact a mental health practioner in your area, please try the Yellow Pages